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5 days ago

Pilot Has “Mushroom” Breakdown, Magnolia Bakery’s Edibles, Illinois’ Diversity

A pilot’s “mushroom-fueled” breakdown, Magnolia Bakery’s edible line, and Illinois’ cannabis industry makes strides in diversity. Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news. Midflight Madness An off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot is in hot water after attempting to disable a plane’s engines mid-flight. The off-duty pilot, 44-year-old Joseph D. Emerson, blames “magic mushrooms” for his erratic behavior….

1 month ago

GA Pharmacies Get MMJ, Cannabis Lounge in Paradise, & Fast Food Addiction Research

Pharmacies in Georgia to start selling medical cannabis, a tourist destination gets a cannabis lounge, and researchers grapple with the scope of the fast food addiction problem. Here’s what you missed this week in cannabis and psychedelic news. Georgia Pharmacies Get Medical Cannabis Georgia is set to become the first state to offer medical cannabis…

1 month ago

Cannabis Caramel Apples Make a Sweet Fall Treat

With Halloween passed and the weather getting colder, cozy season is in full swings. There’s still time to indulge in the sweet treats that come hand-in-hand with falling leaves, brisker temperatures, and the first snowfall.  For cannabis enthusiasts, it’s a perfect time to try making your own cannabis edibles. And while they’re definitely not for…

1 month ago

Octopuses On Ecstasy, Thailand’s Uncertain Cannabis Future, & CA Loses Out On Psychedelics

Octopuses on ecstasy, Thailand’s legalization regrets, and Gov. Newsom’s psychedelic veto. Here’s what you missed this week in cannabis and psychedelic news. If You Give An Octopus Some Ecstasy Let’s take it back to 2018. In a Marine Biological Lab in Massachusetts, marine biologist Eric Edsinger and neuroscientist Gul Dolen gathered nine octopuses for an…

2 months ago

MI’s New Testing Policy, Utah’s First Union Dispo, & A $7.2B Psychedelic Forecast

Here’s what you missed this week in cannabis and psychedelic news. Michigan Ends Pre-Employment Drug Testing…Here’s The Catch Earlier this month, Michigan officially ended pre-employment drug screenings for government employees. The Michigan Civil Service Commission unanimously approved the move over the summer. The policy change affects approximately 2/3 of state government jobs. However, individuals looking…