Weekly Cannabis Roundup September 25


by Lo

September 25, 2020 12:38 pm ET

This week in our cannabis news roundup, interstate cannabis commerce are on the horizon. Florida patients now have access to edibles as long as they do not resemble any form that appeals to children. Lastly, the MORE Act has once again been delayed.

Video Transcript

The Alliance for Sensible Markets seeks to initiate interstate commerce between consenting legalized states

The organization explains that this “will bring investment, expansion, business formation, and tens of thousands of jobs in the midst of a historic recession.”

Oregon governor Kate Brown is the first and only to sign a bill that would allow legal businesses to export cannabis products to other legal states 

No other governor has done so at this time. 

Logistics are also unclear as there is little in the way of accommodation for exporting cannabis through states that prohibit cannabis. 

Hemp exports are even still seized despite the fact that it became legal in the 2018 Farm Bill 

But stay tuned as this could mean HUGE changes that are in favor of cannabis access. 

Florida patients, you now have access to medical edibles! 

Florida’s medical cannabis legislation has been a work in progress ever since it became legal in 2016. 

Tinctures and oils were initially available, smokeable flower followed a few years later, all the while medical edibles were put on the back burner due to developing regulations. 

But that part is now complete and patients can legally incorporate edibles into their treatment plans. 

Florida law mandates that edibles must take the form of lozenges, baked goods, chocolates, gelatins, or drink powders, 

They may not be offered in bright colors, or in a form that appeals to children. 

They must be mindfully packaged so as not to resemble any candies that are currently available on the commercial market.

And lastly, Congress has delayed voting on the MORE Act until later this year

In a disappointing move, Democratic leaders have decided to delay the vote on cannabis decriminalization to instead shift the focus on preventing a COVID-related government shutdown. 

The vote is set to take place AFTER the November election

The MORE Act would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substance Act, it would give states individual power to develop their own regulations, it would expunge cannabis-related convictions, and levy a cannabis tax that would be invested back into communities harmed by the failed War on Drugs.

Cannabis advocates across the country voiced their displeasure over the decision citing that it was not just a delay for much-needed cannabis reform but for social justice as well. 


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