Greenhouse Wellness Ellicott City, MD

Located at: 4801 Dorsey Hall Dr suite 110

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About Us

Greenhouse Wellness is an Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at  Ellicott City, MD. This dispensary offers Maryland patients a sense of comfort and security, knowing the professional and compassionate staff is dedicated to improving their overall quality of life. Also they want residents in Ellicott City and beyond to live a life free of pain and suffering, thanks to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and an empowered understanding of their medicine.


When Maryland legalized medical cannabis, the team saw an opportunity to break marijuana’s negative stigma. They wanted to bring the natural benefits of cannabis into the light of society and offer alternative solutions to those suffering from everyday chronic pain and other qualifying conditions. This dispensary at Ellicott City dispensary has opened in November 2017 as one of Maryland’s first licensed dispensaries. Their mission to provide local qualifying patients with the finest in medical marijuana care.


The team at their dispensary trains with medical professionals to provide patients the latest insights into medicinal cannabis. The patient care specialists are skilled in making patients feel safe, understood, and educated when it comes to selecting a treatment plan

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