The Easiest Way To Get a Medical Marijuana Card

As medical marijuana continues to sweep the nation, it is extremely important for those who are interested in using cannabis as a treatment option to understand what their state is offering and where it stands with cannabis. More importantly, patients are looking for the simplest way to gain access to dispensaries. You may have heard of a medical marijuana card referred to as a 420 card, weed card, cannabis card, recommendation, etc but it is important to note that in almost all instances, a patient needs to be approved by a doctor who is licensed from the state(s) they operate in to certify patients for cannabis. That’s where we come in. 

Veriheal was founded to help bring patients who are looking to use cannabis legally an extremely simple route of being able to get into their local dispensaries and purchase the healing products that they deserve to have access to. Traditionally, it’s been hard to get in contact with the right doctor, and even get the right information. Veriheal will connect you with a medical marijuana doctor that has signed up hundreds, if not thousands, of other patients. Comfortable, discreet, and sophisticated care is of the utmost importance.

“Nobody should be denied access to medical cannabis. We have witnessed first hand how the plant has changed the lives of thousands of patients. With the opioid epidemic that has plagued this country, the people deserve a safe and effective alternative to pain management. They can certainly find that healing in medical marijuana, and Veriheal is here to make that the best experience possible.”

– Josh Green (Co-Founder)

Do I qualify for medical marijuana?

Every state has its own list of qualifying conditions. A plethora of states have chronic pain listed as a qualifying condition, so in those cases, any ailment that causes general pain or discomfort and is seen as long lasting will get you approved.

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Is it easy to get a medical marijuana card?

In most instances, a patient will take 3 simple steps to obtain their medical marijuana card:

1. Book an appointment to see a Veriheal doctor. The price across the industry is $199 for this consultation. The main reason it’s that high is because of federal regulations against cannabis, and ultimately insurance companies not willing to pay the copay for a medical marijuana consultation. It is also important to keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for the cannabis products at dispensaries. However, things will certainly change. With Canada’s legalization, insurance will pay for patient’s cannabis, and there is even a bill introduced in NY to let the same happen.

2. Consult with the doctor for 10-15 minutes and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment. In most states you can have this consultation online. It’s important you understand the rules in your state, so make sure to click on your state below to get the right information.

3. Receive your medical marijuana card! For most states, after you are approved from the doctor, you can take your recommendation right to a dispensary. With other states, you’ll need to file an application with the DOH of that states. These applications normally only take a few minutes to complete and once you send it off, the DOH of that state will mail you your physical medical marijuana card in a week or two.

Can I get a medical marijuana card online?

In states that allow video consultations, aka telemedicine, yes you can! The best part about that is you can do it all with Veriheal. We’ve built our own custom, and HIPAA compliant, video streaming platform so that you can meet with the doctor on your smartphone or computer and get approved in no time from the comfort of your own couch.

How do I renew my medical marijuana card?

Same as when you first got your card. Just book an appointment to see a doctor again but this time we’ll give you a nice little discount. In certain states, a card is valid for longer than a year, and in others it could be less than a year.

How can I increase the amount of medical marijuana I am allowed to purchase in a month?

For the majority of patients, you’ll have to see a doctor again. That being said most patients don’t have any issues with the amount they are allowed to purchase in a month. When you consult with the doctor, they’ll bring you up to speed on how much cannabis you can purchase in a given period, and if you need more, just come back and we’ll help you increase that amount.

Can I use my medical marijuana card in other states?

This is called “reciprocity” and not all medical states offer it. Sometimes you may need to get an out-of-state medical marijuana card, and others may not accept out-of-state cards at all.
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What are the benefits of getting a medical marijuana card?

Ultimately, a medical program and medical marijuana access sets itself apart from recreational cannabis because with one simple word, access. With caregiver programs, patient under 18 can get access to medical dispensaries. Purchase and possession limits will be higher in medical programs due to taxation.

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Finding the best dispensary near you

Dispensaries are opening at an incredible rate across the nation. The products and service at each will definitely vary, so it’s important to do some reading before going in to understand what you might want, and then a good budtender will help walk you through what their particular line of products are meant to treat.

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As stated, it’s extremely important to understand the rules and regulations of obtaining a medical marijuana card in your state. Click a state below to find out more information.

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