Why would I get a medical marijuana card if it’s rec in my state?

October 17, 2018 04:28 pm ET
Why would I get a medical marijuana card if it’s rec in my state?

A lot has happened since medical marijuana was first approved for public use in 1996 in the state of California. Soon enough, other states followed in California’s stride and legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Colorado and Washington went a step ahead in 2012 and legalized marijuana for adult recreational use, paving the way for a bunch of other states to follow.

Other countries are also following suit, with Canada officially legalizing marijuana for medical and rec use today.

Where people originally relied on medical marijuana cards to access their cannabis, they can now just walk to a retail outlet and order marijuana the same way they would order a pint of beer. This begs the question then:

Are there any benefits of getting a medical marijuana card anymore?

The very short answer is yes.

Undeniably, the uptake of medical marijuana cards has declined with the advent of the recreational marijuana. However, there are still great benefits that holders of this card have over people taking marijuana for recreational purposes. Walk with me as I explain further the reasons why it would be great for you to get a medical marijuana card even if its rec in your state.

There are no age restrictions

Recreational use of cannabis requires that users be over 21 years old in many states. Cannabis possession and consumption remains illegal for people below this age. However, medical marijuana card holders have some leeway, getting access when they hit 18.

In some instances, children under the age of 18 can also access the medical marijuana card via the assistance of a caregiver if they are undergoing some form of ailment such as cancer or epilepsy. The experiments and successes in the treatment of epilepsy among children have been documented in this study. Experiments on cancer treatment using marijuana are still ongoing.

You grow what you need

Whereas there exists a lot of restrictions on the quantity one can grow when they are doing recreational cannabis, medical cannabis is a bit flexible. The amount of marijuana one can grow when they have a medical marijuana card is considerably higher, and is often dependent on their personal needs.

You get access to more potent cannabis

One is also able to have access to cannabis that has a higher potency levels compared to the marijuana consumed for recreational purposes. Many retail shops selling cannabis for recreational purposes will always adhere to specific limits of potency as directed by their state.

In the state of California for instance, edible cannabis products can only contain 100mg of THC and lotions or tinctures limited to 1000mg of THC. Medical marijuana dispensaries are given more leeway on this potency level, doubling the amount in lotions to 2000mg of THC. Some patients require varying degrees of potency to alleviate whatever condition they are looking to manage using cannabis, and recreational products may not always suffice.

Exemption from state and local taxes

Possession of a medical marijuana card gives you the added benefit of accessing marijuana at a lower price compared to those who access it from the retail outlets. After marijuana became legalized for recreational purposes in many states, taxes on the product also went up considerably. If you are a regular consumer, you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Many states have either lowered or exempted taxes on cannabis purchased through a medical marijuana card. In the state of Colorado for instance, all marijuana/marijuana-fused products had their sales tax increased from 10% to 15% for marijuana sold on retail for recreational purposes. Meanwhile, marijuana for medical use in the same state was exempted from the 15% excise tax, implying lower prices and more accessibility.

Less restrictive purchase and possession limits

In the same breath that allows you to grow more cannabis for your medical needs, you also get immediate access to more marijuana from the dispensary compared to someone who is purchasing the same for recreational use only.

Strong legal protection

Many states which have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes have formulated laws that help protect the people who hold these cards.

The proposition 215 in California exempts patients and caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana.

Mo Montgomery, The Sun Gazette

Such laws help to protect you as a card holder, allowing you to consume, possess and even grow your product without fear or intimidation from anyone. The same cannot be said for people seeking to grow marijuana for recreational purposes only.

Access to a wide variety of products, strains and professional support

Cannabis extracts are certainly in no shortage. It seems impossible to keep up with all of them, their uses, potencies, and benefits. That is why people who possess a medical marijuana card also access automatic assistance from medical doctors who direct them on what best to take for whatever condition they have.

Retail outlets have professional bud-tenders who offer assistance to the patients but the question of their unwavering integrity, professionalism and profiteering versus your health goes unanswered. Who would you trust most?

How to get a medical marijuana card

The process of getting a medical marijuana card was painful a few years ago. One had to seek approval from a doctor then jump through hoops seeking a secondary approval from a State medical agent and so on.

Today, thanks to the internet, you can get your medical card right at home, wherever you are, at the click of a button. You still need some approval though, but the process is a breeze. At Veriheal, we are dedicated to making the process of accessing medical marijuana as quick and easy as possible.

Final take

It’s great to see that states in the U.S. and other countries abroad are taking steps to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. The implication is that it has become very easy to access the product at retail shops for our own convenience. However, the benefits that dangle from a marijuana medical card far outweigh the conventional over-the-counter recreational cannabis use. You should consider getting a card today. It will provide great benefits and still allow you to access your daily dose of happiness.

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