Oklahoma Dispensary Near You!

Looking for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary near you? Well there’s one in the heart of Oklahoma City ran by a local family on the historic route of 66. With all the dispensaries opening up, don’t miss out on this one.

UNSEEN FOOTAGE of a Oklahoma Dispensary!

The Veriheal team took a trip to Oklahoma City to visit some of the Dispensaries that’s about to change Oklahoma for the better. In this video we visit a welcoming dispensary located in downtown Edmond, come take a look what they have in store.

A Glance at OKC’s New Dispensary THE STASH

With Oklahoma legalizing medical marijuana, new dispensaries and business are opening up. The Stash Dispensary is one of them and it is one of the best in the city. Here is a look at The Stash Dispensary and what it has to offer to it’s […]