Dabbing Techniques: Cold Start Dabbing vs. Traditional Methods

November 29, 2019 03:22 pm ET
Dabbing Techniques: Cold Start Dabbing vs. Traditional Methods

Cannabis concentrates, AKA dabs, are being enjoyed by an increasing number of people these days. Concentrates come in several varieties like shatter, wax, crumble, and sauce, to name a few. They are also available in a multitude of different strains like OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, and many more.

There is still much to be learned about dabbing. There is more to it than taking a blowtorch to a nail or banger and making it glow, then dropping a glob of dabs on it before inhaling it all in. Many people who try a dab in this manner don’t find themselves enjoying it too much. People report dabbing to burn their throat, hurt their chest, and cause them to cough extremely hard. This is usually when most people decide dabbing isn’t for them.

However, when they decide to give it another try using a different method of dabbing like cold start dabbing, they find the experience to be an enjoyable one. So, what makes the difference, how does a cold start dab differ from any other dab? Are cold start dabs better for you than other methods of dabbing? We are going to explore traditional dabbing vs. cold start dabbing and which method is the healthier option for the lungs.

Traditional Dabbing

When someone without knowledge of dabbing correctly heats a titanium nail, bucket, or quartz nail or banger, they usually way overheat it. The surface they are heating can reach around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit way surpassing the average sweet spot of 550 degrees. To achieve the 550-degree mark, consumers time or wait for the surface to cool before doing a dab. Some chose to use an e-nail or electronic heating device to hold a precise temperature.

When dabs are inhaled to hot, they can cause your throat and chest discomfort. This is simply because the smoke being inhaled is too hot. Many of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes that you’re after when consuming cannabis are also burned off in this process. Not only is it a waste of concentrates by dabbing too hot, but it also causes unnecessary discomfort to the throat and lungs in the process.

As dabbing evolves, people are beginning to better understand the techniques in which are the most proficient for dabbing. An e-nail is a great way to control your temp and get a smooth, enjoyable dab. But you can also achieve this with a method called cold start dabbing.

Cold Start Dabbing

Cold start dabbing is a relatively new method of dabbing that is catching on like fire. In order to do a cold start dab, you will need a quartz banger and a carb cap. You begin this process by placing the dab you would normally take into a clean cold banger or bucket.

Next, you place the carb cap on top while carefully heating the banger for about 10 seconds. You will see the dab begin to vaporize and turn to a pretty oil. Inhale your dab just like you would normally. If there is any oil left in the banger or bucket when you’re finished, simply repeat the process.

Cold start dabs are very tasty and much smoother on the throat and lungs to me and many others who love this method of dabbing. The low temp of the dab using this method really brings out the terpene profile of the concentrate, making for a tasty dabbing experience.

If you have tried dabbing before and did not like it, maybe you should give cold start dabbing a try. If you love to dab and haven’t tried this method yet, be sure to give it a go during your next sesh. When it comes to potent, tasty, and smooth, it doesn’t get much better than a cold start dab.

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Paul says:

March 19, 2020 at 8:40 pm

Thank you for the awsome info on cold start dabs. Very knowledgeable.

Rise" says:

September 16, 2020 at 12:55 pm

Amen to this goddess about this goddess plant! Thanks so much for the quick tip. New to dabbing. Not to medicine.
Thanks Ms. ASHLEY

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