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How To Be A Productive Cannabis Consumer in 4 Simple Steps

Chane Leigh

by Chane Leigh

October 9, 2019 03:53 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
How To Be A Productive Cannabis Consumer in 4 Simple Steps

Many people hear the word stoner and automatically have a negative disposition due to the stigma attached to the word. Stoner is a name, or tag, given to someone who frequently uses cannabis. People who give power to the stereotypical stigma of stoners see frequent cannabis users as lazy, paranoid, a slave to hunger and sees stoners as using it as an excuse for being unproductive. Although stoners can take up many different forms, people who don’t use cannabis tend to associate all frequent users (stoners) with the stigma. This stigma is an altogether negative way to view stoners and should not be applied to many. Frequent use of cannabis can actually make you more productive and many successful people are stoners. The key to making cannabis work for you is how you choose to make use of your time while under its’ influence. 

1. Decide What You Want to Accomplish and Channel Yourself Towards It. 

When consuming cannabis, you can experience something that we call a tunnel-vision state. This means that your attention and efforts are focused on one task or activity at hand. For many, this tunnel-vision state can include watching all the Rick and Morty episodes or scrolling through YouTube for funny animal videos. When you decide to use this state for productivity, you end up accomplishing what you set out to achieve in that one toke consuming session. This tunnel-vision state makes work feel less like work, you tend to be more thorough as you process your thoughts/actions better and it can boost your creativity. Many stoners using cannabis to aid their productivity report to perform more meticulously too.

2. When Feeling Anxious or Stressed, Smoke!

Many people, like me, tend to get anxious or stressed out when tasks are piling up and demanding a lot. Understanding the difference between anxiety and stress can help you understand how to deal with it. They both share a lot of symptoms which accounts for why we fuse or confuse them. Stress is a response to a threat of any situation, small or big, but it usually goes away once the trigger has been dealt with. For example, if you have a deadline coming in and you feel under pressure to complete the assignment. The stress will only go away once you’ve completed the assignment. Anxiety is then triggered by stress and tends to stick around after the trigger has been dealt with. 

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Stress is a condition while anxiety is a disorder. Stress and anxiety tend to make people more unproductive as we get stuck behind a barrier of overwhelm and stress. Consuming cannabis helps deal with the symptoms of both and not just as a temporary relief. With stress and anxiety out of the way, you can focus on and accomplish what you have set out to.  

3. Research is King and Practice is the Key. 

Due to the many different strains of cannabis out there, knowing which ones are best for your productivity is important. You might have to practice and experiment in order to get optimal productivity. Knowing about what you are consuming is important to find what works for you, so remember your research. Start experimenting with your cannabis consumption for productivity with simple household tasks to see how you react. Sativa dominant strains and hybrid (Sativa and Indica mix) strains are known to provide a more active effect and therefore make the best choice. I have been a cannabis consumer for a number of years now and I have learned which strains work well for my productivity for. Remember, you should also be enjoying the strain that you consume. It is important to find a functional and enjoyable strain. My personal favorite strain for productivity and general enjoyment is a Sativa known as White Widow. 

4. Choose Your Consumption Method Carefully.

Think of cannabis as a tool in your task, you need the right tool to complete the task. Different methods of consumption, last for various durations and have different eases. One can consume it and smoke it in various methods. For consumption, you can eat it and you can just swallow some, like in a capsule. Pipes, jays, bongs, and vapes are examples of methods in which you can smoke it. Each individual responds on different levels with each method. Some people perform best on edibles while others prefer the whip of a bong. The combination of method and strain, which works best for you, can only be found through practice too.

How and why you choose to consume cannabis will determine whether it works for you or against you. It is powerful and effective either way. Stoners can and should take advantage of their frequent consumption to get creative, work meticulously and without the looming shadows of anxiety and stress.  So suit up, smoke up and smash it. And lastly, don’t forget your snacks and water!

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