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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes Fast After Smoking Cannabis

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

July 14, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes
How to Get Rid of Red Eyes Fast After Smoking Cannabis

Getting rid of red eyes is something you’ll need to do swiftly at least once if you consume cannabis. Trust me; we’ve all been there. You think you can relax and medicate with some cannabis, and just when you start to feel good, something makes you have to adult, and you need to get rid of red eyes quickly. If you have ever Googled “how to get rid of stoned eyes fast,” this article is for you! Let’s explore a few different methods you can implore to help eliminate your red, high eyes and make your high less noticeable.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes From Smoking Cannabis

The astounding majority agree that the absolute fastest way to “get the red out” is to use over-the-counter eye drops. If eye drops are not available immediately, the next quickest way to reduce red eyes from cannabis is by using a cold compress, followed by simply waiting it out over time.

Hopefully, you haven’t indulged too much. However, there is also an option that may help you avoid red eyes altogether. Let’s explore methods to reduce eye redness from smoking cannabis, as well as what you can consume to reduce the chances of red eyes from smoking weed.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are one of the swiftest ways to reduce the severity and noticeability of cannabis-induced red eyes. Many of these products are specially formulated to constrict the blood flow to the eye’s blood vessels which is what causes your eyes to appear red after consuming cannabis.

With so many types of OTC eye drops, you may be curious about what type is the best for reducing red eyes from cannabis. Considering the cause of red eyes, which we will explore further below, it is essential to choose eye drops that include vasoconstrictor active ingredients such as naphazoline, tetrahydrozoline, or brimonidine. This is because vasoconstrictors constrict the blood flow to the dilated vessels, causing the vessels to return to normal and clearing out the high red eyes caused by smoking cannabis.

Ice Pack or Cold Towel

The key to reducing red eyes lies in reducing the blood flow to the vessels within the eyes that make them appear this way. This is why a cold compress can also be a great tool in your repository when it comes to getting rid of stoned, bloodshot eyes. Cold temperatures will help to naturally constrict the blood vessels causing less blood flow and the red appearance to go away. If you do not have eye drops with vasoconstrictor active ingredients, an ice pack or other homemade cold compress will be your next best bet!

Lower THC Strains

Delta-9-THC, the main cannabinoid thought to be responsible for producing the side effect of red eyes, is also one of the most prevalent and therapeutic cannabinoids found in cannabis. However, there are strains that allow you to still get THC, just at lower doses.

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For some consumers and patients, lower THC strains that have higher concentrations of other cannabinoids may be a good choice should you need to stay clear-eyed. While smoking a lower THC strain won’t help to get rid of stoned red eyes from smoking or otherwise consuming cannabis, consuming a lower THC strain could help you to prevent it altogether or at least to make the red-eye side effect minimal.


Unfortunately, sometimes the only thing that can help is simply waiting it out. While this may not be the most opportune way to get rid of red eyes, it is the only certain way.

So, how long does it take for stoned eyes to go away? Unfortunately, this isn’t a cut-and-paste answer. How long it takes to reduce redness in the eyes from consuming cannabis depends on several aspects. These include but are not limited to how much you have consumed, how you consumed, the THC concentration of what you consumed, your tolerance, how hydrated you are or aren’t, and much more. So, how long does it take for red eyes to go away on their own, on average? You may or may not be delighted to learn that, in most cases, bloodshot, high eyes tend to start to diminish within an hour or two after smoking weed.

Why Do Your Eyes Get Red When You Smoke Cannabis?

So now that we have explored various ways of combatting a case of cannabis-induced red eyes, let’s look at what actually causes these high red eyes to occur in the first place when smoking weed. Most cannabis consumption includes the consumption of THC. This cannabinoid has been found to increase blood flow to the blood vessels in the eyes, dilating the eyes and causing them to appear “bloodshot.”

This is why THC is highly embraced by glaucoma patients that suffer from intraocular eye pressure, as this increased blood flow helps to reduce this pressure. While this may be a welcoming effect for glaucoma patients, for others, it is often considered a side effect.

Do Vape Cartridges Give You Red Eyes?

We know that smoking cannabis can give you high red eyes, but do carts make your eyes red? The short answer is, yes, they can. That is if they contain THC. There are some carts that are non-THC and packed with other cannabinoids that offer benefits without the psychoactive effects or bloodshot eyes side effects from THC.

Do Edibles Give You Red Eyes?

Cannabis edibles are a widely embraced way for cannabis consumers and patients alike to reap the benefits they are after from cannabis. Like with vape cartridges, there are both cannabis edibles that contain THC and those that do not. Cannabis edibles with THC can give you red eyes.

Final Takeaways

If you must consume THC for medical purposes and there is a chance that you may need to be clear-eyed, start by trying a low-THC strain. If this is not an option, keeping eye drops on hand is a great way to quickly mitigate the stoned red eyes that come with smoking cannabis, but be sure they include a vasoconstrictor active ingredient. When all else fails, you just have to give it time, and hopefully, within an hour or so, the effects will naturally cease on their own.

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