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How to be a Socially Responsible and Conscientious Cannabis Advocate

Kat Helgeson

by Kat Helgeson

November 26, 2020 11:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
How to be a Socially Responsible and Conscientious Cannabis Advocate

It’s easy to get caught up in excitement about cannabis legalization. If you’re a cannabis user, whether for medical or recreational purposes, seeing your state take steps toward or even embrace full legalization can feel like a very big deal. And Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has recently spoken about the need to legalize at the federal level. While that’s not something any of us should bank on just yet, it’s exciting to know that the next administration might be willing to at least discuss the possibility of federally legalized cannabis. But we as consumers need to make sure that we do our part to remain ethical as we advocate for cannabis law reform. There are several ways in which the conversation around cannabis hasn’t always been as conscientious as it should have been. Celebrate legalization, when it happens. But make sure you take the time to explore the finer points of your beliefs about cannabis. Don’t simply stop at legalization=good! It’s important to make sure cannabis in our society is managed in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

Be A Vocal Advocate

One of the factors that have made it most difficult for cannabis to gain the respect and recognition it deserves is the stigma that surrounds it and its users. Ask the wrong person what they picture when they think of a cannabis user and you may get a description of a lazy slacker, zoned out in front of the TV and eating snacks all day.

Of course, we don’t begrudge anyone for their chill time. If you like to cap off your day with a joint, a bag of chips, and your favorite TV show, by all means, have at it and enjoy! But we can tear down the stigma by spreading the word and educating others about its benefits. Be an open book about how cannabis helps relieve the effects of so many illnesses, the sustainability the cannabis plant offers, as well as its many uses. The more people understand the medical uses of cannabis, as well as how it can properly help the environment, the sooner the damaging image of the “pothead” can fade into memory.

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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Shop Smart

If cannabis has become legalized in your state, you have a lot of new options when it comes to acquiring your herb. You can certainly be conscientious by educating yourself and being a smart shopper. By shopping smart, you can certainly contribute to helping those who suffered because of prohibition and help break down the cannabis stigma.

If you’ve gotten cannabis illegally in the past, it might be tempting to keep using those connections. Legal cannabis tends to be taxed at a high rate, making it significantly more expensive. But you can do your part for both the community you live in and the cannabis community by paying those taxes. The War on Drugs has taken a disproportionate toll on Black communities. Now, some states are taking initiative and using the tax revenue from their new cannabis industries to ameliorate that damage. Other states are putting their cannabis tax revenue to work in other ways—and all of those ways benefit the community at large. If you’ve got a choice of cannabis dispensaries, take your time and do a bit of research. The best revenge against the systemic issues and racism that have plagued prohibition is Black success. If you can patronize Black-owned cannabis businesses, you’ll be going a long way toward helping those who were most harmed by the War on Drugs

Be Conscientious and Keep Learning

You may be the most educated person when it comes to cannabis in your immediate circle, but your work isn’t done. There’s still so much to be learned and still so much research that needs to be done. Our goal at Veriheal is to educate the masses about cannabis to provide empowerment and access to healing. You can stay up to date with us through our articles or even independently by reading the latest scientific studies involving cannabis, listening to cannabis-related podcasts, or by hearing those personal stories of consumers who found healing with it. Make your voice heard at the polls when cannabis issues are on the ballot. And continue to do your part to share the information you gather about cannabis so that you can help those around you make ethical choices too.

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