Medical Marijuana Being Studied in America’s Oldest Hospice

January 26, 2017 02:17 pm ET
Medical Marijuana Being Studied in America’s Oldest Hospice

The nation’s first hospice is located in Branford, Connecticut and on December, 20th they announced plans to study how medical marijuana can help dying patients. Representatives from Connecticut Hospice Inc. explained they hoped to improve pain management while also reducing opioid use in palliative care. The company says it has federal approval for its study and hopes to decrease nausea and vomiting while improving patients’ appetites and overall well-being among other things. St. Francis Hospital, which is also located in Connecticut, announced it received state approval to begin studying the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a painkiller for traumatic injuries.

Connecticut’s medical marijuana program enables research into the benefits of medical marijuana to be vetted by a new institutional review board and okayed by the state’s Department of Consumer Protection commissioner. Recently enabled state laws such as these should hopefully encourage more legalized states to conduct similar studies being done in Connecticut.

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