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Medical vs Recreational in Oregon

February 1, 2017 01:01 am ET
Medical vs Recreational in Oregon

A new law was passed in Oregon banning marijuana vendors from selling both medical and recreational pot, forcing marijuana dispensaries to sell either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. The intentions of the law are still unclear, but it leaves many stores having to close down for several days in order to sort out their products and rework their plans on which they cater to. A large group of dispensaries are choosing to sell to their recreational marijuana customers, while eliminating their medical sales.

One major reason behind this is because the recreational business is more lucrative and it makes up a much larger portion of their business sales and customer base than medical marijuana. It’s mainly a matter of survival at this point as dispensaries are forced to choose money since revamping to a medical-only dispensary will lose more than half of their clientele. Others argue that a big pot industry is desirable and will create a more competitive environment with lower prices, which will benefit medical marijuana patients. Medical vendors however are just upset they’re losing their monopoly of the industry and that recreational laws will actually help medical patients.

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