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Research Reveals That Cannabis Users Have Lower Odds Of Cognitive Decline

Emily Mullins

by Emily Mullins

March 4, 2024 12:31 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
Research Reveals That Cannabis Users Have Lower Odds Of Cognitive Decline

There is a long-held stigma about cannabis that suggests it can cause cognitive impairment and decline, which would put people who use it regularly at risk of developing memory issues, confusion, and other similar problems. However, new studies are finding that these beliefs may not be true after all.

Recent research published in the Current Alzheimer Research journal by SUNY Upstate Medical University discovered something fascinating–recreational cannabis use is linked to lower risks of subjective cognitive decline (SCD). Cannabis users had an impressive 96% lower chance of developing SCD, including memory problems and confusion.

Participants were measured for three metrics: frequency of cannabis use, method of consumption, and their reason for using cannabis, such as for medical or recreational purposes. The survey group included more than 4,700 people aged 45 and older in 14 states. Results came from the 2021 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Some older studies have indicated opposite results, stating that cannabis could actually contribute to cognitive decline. Researchers acknowledged this in their findings, mentioning former studies that found heavy cannabis use could be associated with common symptoms of cognitive decline.

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“While numerous studies have investigated the relationship between cannabis use and cognitive function, the majority of previous research has focused on the frequency of cannabis use as the primary predictor,” researchers wrote in the study. “However, the cognitive implications of cannabis are not only determined by the frequency of cannabis consumption. Other factors could impact the cognitive effects associated with cannabis use.” The other factors noted here included the method of consumption and the types of cannabinoids used.

The authors followed this up by writing, “Although increased frequency and different methods of cannabis use showed positive associations with SCD, these relationships were not statistically significant.” They also concluded: “Our findings underscore the importance of considering multiple factors, such as the reasons for cannabis use, when examining the relationship between cannabis and SCD. Further research is needed to explore the underlying mechanisms contributing to these associations.”

Fortunately, this research is coming at a faster pace than ever before. Another study published last year in the journal CNS Drugs reported that medical marijuana patients don’t experience significant negative impacts on cognitive function as a result of cannabis use. This was a more short-term study that gave 40 participants cannabis products and then tested cognitive performance through a variety of tests.

“We already know that non-medical cannabis can impact memory and attention. However, our findings show that patients prescribed medical cannabis by a doctor don’t experience the same effects,” stated Dr. Thomas Arkell, the study’s lead author.

Hopefully, further research will support the findings listed in studies like the ones above. Doing so could help increase medical cannabis access worldwide and help break down the stigmas and beliefs that cannabis use makes people “lose IQ points” (as formerly stated by Donald Trump) or that it negatively impacts working memory and other important brain functions.

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