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Thailand Opens Dispensaries for Free Medical Cannabis Oil

Chane Leigh

by Chane Leigh

February 12, 2020 09:35 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Thailand Opens Dispensaries for Free Medical Cannabis Oil

Thailand gives 400 patients free cannabis oil in Bangkok and they will continue to do so! 

Ever thought you’d see the day where so many patients received cannabis oil…never mind the fact that it’s free. Well, Thailand started this year ahead of the curve by launching full-time cannabis clinics dispensing free cannabis oil.  The country has recently legalized medical cannabis and is now progressively moving forward in its’ policy of promoting the licensed use of cannabis for a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Thailand Opens Not Just One But TWO Cannabis Dispensaries!

Thailand has opened two-full time clinics so far. The one in Bangkok gave 400 patients free cannabis oil, most of whom are cancer patients. The oil formulations that were given out are aimed at treating and alleviating migraines, insomnia, nausea, numbness, and pain. Dr. Prasert Mongkolairi was advising patients on Monday at the clinic and declared that the patients’ quality of life would be improved. Patients going through chemotherapy will now have something to effectively lessen the adverse effects accompanying that tough chemical-based medication. 

The treatment is not widely available as there are only two clinics, but the service is free, and anyone can access it. If patients were to go to underground clinics for the oil, it will be costly. Despite the fact they there are only two full-time clinics specifically for cannabis, there are 25 part-time clinics working in cooperation with the government as licensed distributors. Those are great starting numbers of dispensers but it’s still not enough to make licensed medical cannabis easily accessible. There are many qualifying conditions and illnesses with many chronic conditions amongst them. 

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What Does This Mean As Far As Politics?

There is even hope that cannabis oil will be added to the National List of Essential Medicine which will enable people to access it under the universal health care scheme. However, there are some officials that say the policy of free cannabis is likely to change… perhaps they mean for those without the universal health care scheme. Only the, seemingly, fast approaching time will tell how Thailand will continue to establish its’ operations and regulations regarding medicinal marijuana. 

The government aims to bring medical cannabis out from underground so that they may place regulations of the medicine to ensure the health and safety of its consumers. The government is being quite ambitious with the medical cannabis industry and has already invested $3.3 Billion towards its first indoor facility. They have also aiming to produce a million bottles of cannabidiol (CBD) by February. 

Thailand’s Prime Minister is a Big Supporter

The Prime Minister of Thailand is also said to be one of the cannabis industry’s biggest cheerleaders alongside their mascot, Dr. Ganja. The mascot is aimed at promoting medical cannabis and at encouraging children to better understand Thailand’s current stance on medical cannabis. You can also visit the Dr. Ganja website to buy CBD products. You can even get CBD products for beauty and even your cats and dogs.          

The free cannabis clinics are something to get excited about and perhaps more countries around the world will take on Thailand’s lead. Free cannabis clinics are significantly important for people suffering from conditions and illnesses and may not be able to afford pharmaceutical medication. It is also important to have such medication available for people already spending a lot of money on man-made medicines with adverse effects, such as chemotherapy. 

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