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Wakanda Cannabis Strain Review: Energizing Sativa Delight

Mia Jane

by Mia Jane

September 1, 2023 10:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
Wakanda Cannabis Strain Review: Energizing Sativa Delight

Soon to be your newest sativa fave, the Wakanda strain is dense, energizing, and super fragrant. With a floral aroma and citrusy flavor profile, Wakanda is mood-boosting bud you don’t want to miss out on.

Wakanda is an energizing sativa bred from a cross of Nigerian Silver and Purple Punch. The light green buds are covered in trichomes with a few orange-amber hairs and a frosty demeanor.

Source: Highline Nursery

Wakanda Strain Flavor and Aroma Profile

The compact structure adds to the density of the flower, and as the buds are broken up, the aromas become pretty pronounced.  The smells that emanate are floral and rose-like, with notes of ginger, lime, and hops. Grinding the flower made my nose tickle with terpenes, and I could smell bits of lavender and tart pomelo. Limonene, myrcene, and linalool are primary terpenes in this aromatic cultivar.

The Wakanda smoke was musky and earthy, but I could taste lighter flowery notes like lavender and geranium. This flavor comes through with something reminiscent of funk and laundry, with an herbal aftertaste suggestive of dill and basil.

This Strain’s Effects

At 30.67% total cannabinoids, the effect was creative and stimulating. It brings on a crisp head high, uplifting my mood almost immediately. Testing at 30% total THC, the overall effect made me noticeably more active, aware, and able to stay on task after a bowl of this strain.

If you come across Wakanda in its flower form, don’t miss this powerfully potent sativa. It was perfect for creative writing, dreaming up new ideas, and giving me a motivating head high that helped me to cross things off my to-do list in record time. I would recommend this strain for making household work feel more inspired and adding a few new dance moves, whether in your kitchen or on the dance floor. I found it to be physically energizing and an overall mood-boosting bud.

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