Weekly Cannabis Roundup December 11


by Lo

December 11, 2020 01:30 pm ET

The state of Arizona recently legalized adult use of cannabis but is getting a ton of pushback from cities that don’t want to participate. The NBA announced that they do not intend to test players for THC for the upcoming season. And the US House of Representatives is expected to soon vote on a bill that will allow scientists to study dispensary quality cannabis.

Arizona is experiencing pushback after legalizing recreational cannabis use

and the NBA will not be drug testing players for THC this coming season 

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Recreational cannabis use became legalized in Arizona just last month! 

But even though the state has said ok to adult use, many cities have expressed the desire to opt out. 

Two sizeable East Valley cities, Chandler and Mesa, don’t want recreational sales

So both city councils have voted to prohibit recreational establishments in their jurisdictions

The ordinance the city councils will vote on will prohibit any recreational marijuana retail businesses that are not operating as a dual licensee. 

And it would also prevent opening testing facilities.

The city of Gilbert, also in Arizona, passed a similar ordinance back in October. 


The US House of Representatives will vote on a bill that allows scientists to study dispensary quality cannabis 

If you aren’t aware, research scientists are extremely limited when it comes to the cannabis products they can study.

If cannabis is going to be legalized, scientists MUST be able to properly research as much as they can to produce adequate results.

But with extreme limitations, it’s a wonder that scientists and researchers are able to do it in the first place.

Cannabis grown for research purposes is slim pickings.  

Right now, scientists are limited to studying low quality products grown by an even more limited list of cultivators.  

Further, the DEA hasn’t exactly been helping matters, in fact, they may even be making things worse. 

The DEA has thwarted research by refusing to process and approve any additional cannabis manufacturers

The agency has undergone several lawsuits filed by scientists, activists, and patients over the matter. 

The fact that it’s now being addressed by Congress is definitely a step in the right direction


The NBA has announced that they do not intend to test players for THC this next season

This is an extension of the drug testing policy between the NBA and players union from last year

Cannabis will still remain on the list of banned substances.

The league has decided to forego testing for THC due to COVID and the risk of unnecessary exposure 

But it’s fully expected that the NBA will eventually do away with drug testing for cannabis and possibly even exempt players who use it medically. 

This is great news for NBA athletes who choose to use cannabis to relax and recover from the sport. 


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