Weekly Cannabis Roundup December 4


by Lo

December 4, 2020 02:47 am ET

This week in cannabis news, the US House of Representatives vote on the MORE Act this week, South Dakota’s governor expresses her negative opinion on cannabis legalization, and Virginia opens the state’s second dispensary.

Video Transcript

The US House is set to vote on the MORE Act this week

And South Dakota’s governor and law enforcement express their negative opinions about cannabis legalization

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

The US House of Representatives is set to finally vote on the MORE Act this week

The MORE Act is a bill sponsored by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

It would decriminalize cannabis at the federal level and leave legalization up to the states.

It would also include expungement for cannabis-related offenses, a 5% cannabis tax that would go toward helping communities impacted by the War on Drugs, expansion for Veterans Affairs, and of course opportunities for cannabis businesses. 

The vote was supposed to occur back in September but was delayed due to a coronavirus aid response that took precedence.

With cannabis gaining bipartisan support in the House, the bill has a good chance of passing. But stay tuned to see if it makes it through the senate. 

Next in news, there are some in South Dakota who have thoughts about the state’s recent cannabis legalization. 

South Dakota is the first state to legalize BOTH medical and recreational uses of cannabis.

Obviously, the people have spoken and cannabis won with 54% of voters approving of legalization. 

However, South Dakota’s own governor has come forward declaring that the citizens she represents made the wrong choice in legalizing cannabis. 

The first-term governor’s statement on the matter cited “We need to be finding ways to strengthen our families, and I think we’re taking a step backward in that effort,” 

And now two police officers have filed lawsuits on the idea that this new legalization is unconstitutional.

Their argument is that because these new measures add a new section to the state’s constitution, it should be considered a revision and that can only happen during a state ratifying convention. 

Of course, the state’s governor is in full support and looking forward to “addressing these serious constitutional concerns”. 


And lastly, the state of Virginia has opened its second cannabis processing facility

Green Leaf opened its doors to patients in Richmond this week and is now available to those registered in the state’s medical cannabis program. 

This comes a month after the first dispensary opened in Bristol, VA. 

This is great news as now even more Virginian patients will have access to their medicine. 

Green Leaf’s CEO stated that there are plans to open 5 additional dispensaries in the city’s health service area and will offer delivery services. 

VA Gov. Ralph Northam recently announced more cannabis legalization efforts for 2021 that could earn a potential $300 million per year and add 11,000 new jobs for the state. 

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