Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 16


by Lo

July 16, 2021 08:30 am ET

Another celebrity joins the cannabis industry. The USADA and WADA respond to Congress and cause confusion over who exactly sets the anti-doping rules. And the FBI won’t toss your resume if you’ve consumed cannabis in the past.

Video Transcript:

Artist Travis Scott joins the cannabis industry

and the FBI updated its hiring policy to include previous cannabis consumption

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

Travis Scott Joins the Cannabis Industry

Song artist Travis Scott aims to be the highest in the room now that he’s partnered with Connected Cannabis to launch a new cannabis line dubbed, Cactus Farms. 

The line debuted with a hand-selected hybrid strain that’s now available in dispensaries in Arizona and California  

According to Connected Cannabis, the strain is Indica dominant and “features a dense, purple bud that releases a pungent, funky-sweet gas aroma rounded out by a unique berry twist.”

Cactus Farms is a new addition to Travis Scott’s list of business partnerships that include Dior, McDonald’s, and Playstation. 

So, if you’re in Arizona or California, be on the lookout for Cactus Farms products! 

Who Makes the Anti-Doping Rules?

Next in news, we have officially heard back about last week’s report on the letter submitted to the US and World Anti-doping Agencies by congressional representatives AOC and Jamie Raskin. 

The two took a stand for sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson after she was suspended from being in the Olympics after she tested positive for cannabis 

The USADA responded by noting her suspension as “heartbreaking” and that the World Anti-Doping Agency’s rules concerning marijuana must change.” But ultimately, the agency doesn’t make the rules and is required to enforce them.  

But when the WADA responded, the agency pointed its finger at the USADA. 

The response from the WADA stated, “Ms. Richardson and her resulting suspension were administered by the USADA. WADA is not a party to that particular matter and therefore simply is not in a position to vacate the results of Ms. Richardson’s test in Oregon …”

And according to a statement from WADA to the press, “The USADA has without exception insisted that cannabis should remain on the (banned) list since at least 2004,”

So… in the end, it would appear that these 2 agencies are going to play the blame game instead of addressing the issue at hand. 

But that’s nothing new at least for the cannabis world. 

The FBI Updates its Hiring Policy to Include Cannabis Consumers

And lastly, 

the FBI has eased its policy on hiring cannabis consumers! 

Previously, the agency mandated that applicants could not have consumed cannabis within 3 years of applying.

But now, the agency has updated the policy to not exclude those who have consumed within the past year. 

Even more, candidates will no longer be disqualified if they had used cannabis before their 18th birthday. 

This is a huge step forward in the upper echelon of the government as many other federal agencies still prohibit any cannabis use amongst its members, including federally legal hemp-derived CBD. 

However, despite these great changes the FBI still very much prohibits employees from any current cannabis use. 

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