Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 3rd


by Lo

July 3, 2020 11:00 am ET

A fraudulent doctor has risked the certifications of roughly 600 patients, Virginia officially decriminalizes possession, Colorado introduces social equity programs to help those with criminal records, and an NBA champion wants to develop health insurance specifically for cannabis users. Watch to learn more about the latest in cannabis news!

Video Transcript

The state of Virginia has officially decriminalized cannabis possession! 

On July 1st, Virginia’s decriminalization laws went into effect. 

Residents are able to carry up to an oz. without jail time. 

However, if caught, it comes with a $25 fine. 

While this bill is a huge advancement for cannabis reform, the ACLU of Virginia has pointed out that it still leaves out communities that have borne the brunt of cannabis prohibition. 

The new law still allows for cops to arrest people based on smell and to also charge people under the guise of ‘intent to distribute’ which is still very much a felony. 

So, is cannabis really decriminalized in Virginia? Let us know your thoughts…

Gov Polis of Colorado addresses social equity concerns in the cannabis industry

Colorado’s governor has signed legislation that will allow him to pardon low-level possession cases that occurred PRIOR to legalization. 

Colorado had what’s called ‘accelerator’ licenses but has now changed these to ‘social equity licenses’.

These allow someone who’s unqualified for a cannabis business license the ability to work with an already established business. 

And it prohibits regulators from denying these licenses based on criminal records that would usually disqualify them otherwise. 

They are available for retail, delivery, and social use clubs. 

Could the cannabis industry soon have its own insurance plans?

NBA Champion John Salley has partnered with insurance guru Daron Phillips to develop cannabis-friendly healthcare plans. 

The plan is all-encompassing meaning that it will cover cultivators, labs, and even stores that sell CBD.

It will also ensure that users won’t be punished by their insurance brokers.

Any business in the country with 2 or more employees will be eligible and the plan will come at a fraction of the price of other options. 

And lastly, nearly 600 patients may lose their certifications because of a doctor impersonator

State regulators in Missouri found several medical cannabis applications signed by an unauthorized signature.

This leaves roughly 600 patients at risk of losing their certifications. 

An investigation found that these patients had no idea that the physician they met with was a fraud. 

The director of DHSS is making efforts to hold those responsible accountable for their actions with minimal impact to the patients. 

Affected patients will receive notice and have a 30 day window to rectify by sending in valid credentials.

Those who ultimately lose their certifications will be refunded.

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