Weekly Cannabis Roundup June 18


by Lo

June 18, 2021 08:00 am ET

Virginia launched its state website that details all of its cannabis legalization information. Discover this underground following of Peloton lovers who also enjoy cannabis. And British Columbia’s government is heavily encouraging cannabis users to stick to the legal market after major contaminants were found in seized illegal products.

Video Transcript

Virginia debuts its brand new cannabis website 

and if you enjoy Peloton and cannabis, consider joining a Pelostoner group

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

Virginia Launches its State Cannabis Website

Great news Virginians! The state has launched its brand new website dedicated to all things cannabis.

It was years in the making but Virginia was the first southern state to legalize recreational cannabis use. 

However, a market will not be established for another 3 years prompting confusion on what’s legal and what isn’t. 

On the state website, you’ll be able to find some clarity on what’s permitted now and what will eventually be permitted once the retail market is established. 

Beginning July 1st, residents 21 and up will be allowed to possess no more than one ounce for personal use, and grow up to 4 plants per household (not person) 

Sharing is permitted however it cannot come as a reciprocal transaction. So gifting in exchange for purchases of goods or services is prohibited. 

The new website also offers information on how legalization will promote social equity and also how to get involved for those interested. 

Be sure to check out to see more. 

Are You a Pelostoner?

Next in news, 

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Are you a Peleton fanatic? Do you also happen to enjoy cannabis? Well, we have great news for you! 

There is a dedicated Facebook group of around 3,000 people who have banded together over their enthusiasm for spin class and cannabis. 

According to these Pelostoners, as they refer to themselves, recognize that cannabis is beneficial for our health. So, they incorporate it not only in their lives, but in their workout routines. 

But it doesn’t stop there!

The group also serves as a safe space for dealing with life’s challenges such as relationships and mental health issues. 

This is a perfect example of the many positive outcomes when you use cannabis. 

BC, Canada Urges Users to Purchase Legally or Risk Compromising Their Health

And lastly,

The government in British Columbia, Canada is urging all cannabis consumers to stick to only legal cannabis products after a series of tests found some serious contaminants in products that had been seized from illegal dispensaries. 

The testing was conducted for a pilot study with 2 governing agencies and found over 20 distinct pesticides and “unacceptable levels of fungi, bacteria, and heavy metals” in each sample.

Even worse, traces of a severely toxic fungicide were found in the majority of samples. Meanwhile, only three of the 20 samples would be deemed fit for sale in the legal realm. 

Believe what you want about legalization and government regulation of cannabis, but something needs to be done about things like this 

otherwise, a lot of people could detrimentally compromise their health. 

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Thanks for watching! 

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