Weekly Cannabis Roundup May 14


by Lo

May 14, 2021 11:57 am ET

Colorado Gov. Polis recently made changes to a bill that allows medical cannabis in k-12 schools. Maryland police are no longer allowed to use the smell of cannabis to justify Terry Stops and Switzerland may soon legalize recreational cannabis use.

Video Transcript

Colorado’s governor signs a bill that allows medical cannabis in k-12 schools

And Switzerland might soon legalize recreational cannabis use. 

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news.

Colorado K-12 Schools Must Recognize Cannabis as Medicine

If you view cannabis as a medicine, then it makes complete sense to allow it to be administered in schools for the kids that rely on it. 

Gov Polis of Colorado has signed a bill that now allows non-smokable forms of medical cannabis to be given to students in k-12 schools in the state

Originally, principals were given the option of either allowing or denying medical cannabis to be given at school but now, they are required.

The bill provides disciplinary protections for nurses and requires that medical cannabis be treated just like any other prescription medicine. 

For those that disagree with this bill, any school staff that feels uncomfortable will have the right to recuse themselves, 

however, school officials must still obey the law. 

Maryland Police Can’t Stop You For Smelling Like Cannabis

Next in news, 

Maryland police are no longer able to stop and search people based on the smell of cannabis.

A recent ruling from the Maryland appeals court states that law enforcement need reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed before detaining someone. 

Previously, smell was able to justify a search, questioning and even detaining a person, which sometimes leads to uncovering more contraband. 

In the state of Maryland, cannabis possession has been decriminalized for up to 10 grams. 

But according to the presiding judge, because odor alones does not indicate a certain quantity of marijuana, it cannot, by itself, provide reasonable suspicion that a person is involved in criminal activity or in possession of a criminal amount of product. 

Do note that this only applies to what’s known as Terry Stops, where cops can briefly detain a person based on suspicion of criminal activity. 

It does not apply to vehicles… yet. 

Switzerland Could Legalize Recreational Use 

And lastly, 

Switzerland might soon legalize cannabis use for adults 

Back in 2012, cannabis possession was decriminalized and just last September, the country initiated an adult-use cannabis pilot program that allowed access to cannabis to a couple of thousand registered people.

The products in this program were to be produced in the country with a 20% cap on THC content and packaged in a way to not be alluring to children. 

Last week, lawmakers voted in favor of a plan that would eventually legalize cannabis access for all adults in Switzerland.

So, if you are a cannabis enthusiast who loves to travel, you may soon be able to put Switzerland on your bucket list.

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