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Weekly Cannabis Roundup September 4


by Lo

September 4, 2020 03:48 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes

This week in Cannabis News, a grieving elephant in Warsaw will test medical cannabis to help relieve stress. Tom Wolfe is calling upon lawmakers to legalize cannabis in Pennsylvania. A new study shows vape related health issues are at a low in states with legal cannabis.

Video Transcript

An elephant is going to test cannabis therapy for its mental health

An elephant at the Warsaw zoo is going to be the first to receive cannabis therapy to help her through her difficult grieving process. 

The Warsaw zoo recently lost one of their eldest elephants and it has caused a bit of distress for the rest of the herd. 

Elephants are notorious for their ability to experience and process a wide range of emotions

So the head of the zoo’s animal rehabilitation department is taking initiative to test the use of therapeutic CBD oil on one of the grieving elephants

This will not only help her cope but to also promote the restoration of the herd dynamic 

The head of the rehabilitation department indicated that elephants can grieve for months even years before bouncing back to their normal selves

So the use of CBD oil maybe able to help them expedite their ability to process their emotions quicker

Stay tuned, this could be groundbreaking research on cannabis therapy for our animal friends. 

Governor Tom Wolf has called upon Pennsylvania lawmakers to legalize recreational cannabis 

Pennsylvania has a medical program that is quickly approaching a yearly earning of half a billion dollars

Gov. Wolf has asked legislators to legalize recreational use to help the state’s economy

PA lawmakers don’t have many sessions until the November election so while legalization is on the table, it’s probably going to be a longshot

However, Pennsylvania will likely be one the next states to legalize recreational adult use of cannabis very soon. 

Governor Wolf’s administration proposed that 50% of funds earned from the recreational sales would be designated for disadvantaged small businesses. 

This is a reflection of the many budget shortfalls this year thanks to COVID and the gaining momentum of adult-use legalization that’s happening in the Northeastern part of the country. 

A new study shows that the rate of Vape-related lung issues were significantly lower in states with legalized cannabis 

The Vape Crisis is a distant memory since the pandemic has taken the spotlight

You might remember that it rocked the cannabis industry

A new study has shown that the rate of lung illnesses from vaping was drastically lower in states without legal recreational cannabis use. 

Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington – all had less than one case of vaping-related lung illness per 100,000 residents aged 12 to 64.

The highest rates of lung illnesses occurred in Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Delaware and Indiana, all of which recreational use is very much illegal. 

The CDC concluded back in February this year that the Vitamin E ingredient used in illegal vape cartridges that was the culprit behind the Vape Crisis.

And this study definitely speaks to that. 

So go ahead and like this video and give us a follow at Veriheal to stay up to date with the latest in cannabis news. 

Thanks for watching! 

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Gus says:

September 9, 2020 at 4:57 pm

This elephant boutta be LIT


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