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Why Cannabis Legalization Helps Prevent Product Recalls

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

March 17, 2020 03:23 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Why Cannabis Legalization Helps Prevent Product Recalls

Legal cannabis is big business. Thirty-three states in America currently have some form of medical or recreational cannabis laws in place and active. This means an increasing number of people will not only be purchasing cannabis and cannabis products, but they will also be voicing their opinions and viewpoints about these products. When this starts to happen, and a regulated market begins to develop, inevitably, cannabis recalls will occur.

In California, patients and consumers have experienced issues and concerns with tainted cannabis and cannabis products. Cannabis products that are tainted are ones that contain too high of contaminant levels or have banned chemicals used in the cultivation process. Mold and pests are other issues cannabis companies will face. If you grow cannabis or are in the business of growing cannabis in any way, shape, or form then it’s going to be a good idea to have a plan in place in case the day comes where you find yourself part of a cannabis recall.

Andy Romanow is a stakeholder at the Denver office of Hall Estill law firm. In an interview with Marijuana Business Magazine, Romanow along with other industry observers discussed a plan of action should a potential product recall occur. They covered dealing with contaminated products, identifying a recall situation, steps to create a plan, how to determine whether to pull a product from the market and how to ready your company to work with local regulators.

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The Vape Epidemic Example

Cannabis products have seen their fair share of failed compliance. Currently, America is witnessing an epidemic with vape cartridges containing high levels of vitamin e acetate. Many researchers and professionals are suggesting that vitamin E acetate could be the culprit behind what many have dubbed “the vaping illness.” A situation such as this stresses the importance of cannabis being removed from the Controlled Substance Act and becoming legal on a federal level. Even though there are state guidelines and compliance that growers must adhere to, there is no form of federal regulatory framework to help enforce this. 

How Regulation and Legalization Help Avoid Recalls

A legally regulated cannabis market helps to ensure that the products being purchased by a consumer are compliant with health and safety guidelines. When products fail to meet this criterion, they are removed from the market, and often the companies responsible for these products are heavily fined. Nobody wants to be at the end of a cannabis recall or hefty fines. You can avoid this by making sure you always produce a quality product that adheres to state guidelines. Have a cannabis recall plan in place just in case the day comes, and you could find yourself a step ahead of the game in the future.

Every cannabis product recall plan should include not only measures to take in the event of a recall but also standard training procedures to help prevent one from ever occurring in the first place. Have you or a company that you work with been involved in a product recall? Do you have suggestions for companies that are trying to prepare for the event of a product recall? If so, we’d love to hear your comments below!

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