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Why You’ll Want to Switch to Cannabis-Based Cosmetics

Chane Leigh

by Chane Leigh

February 4, 2020 09:19 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Why You’ll Want to Switch to Cannabis-Based Cosmetics

Cannabis is one of the most useful plants with countless purposes and products. Cannabis can be used to make concrete, clothing and even cosmetics such as make-up. Hemp cosmetics are picking up around the world, almost faster than its’ legalization. One can find hemp-based skincare, makeup, body oils, and lotions as well as luxury items such as bath-bombs. Let’s have a look at why you would want to switch to hemp-based cosmetics as well as what companies are taking the lead with cannabis cosmetics and products. 

Why You’ll Want to Switch to a Cannabis-Based Beauty Regimen

The world of cosmetics is a challenging one… from ingredients that you didn’t even know were in there to companies testing their products on animals. This source of controversy is the reason why many people have started to seek out alternatives to their usual cosmetic products. When considering what products you should be using for your make-up, skincare and health care regimes, hemp-based (meaning it comes from the cannabis plant) products should be at the top of your list. 

Researchers have proven that hemp-based products have topical benefits from the plant. However, it is important to understand that hemp-based products are high in cannabidiol (CBD) which will not get you high but has many health benefits.  Let’s have a look at why you would want to use hemp seed oil as well as hemp-based cosmetics containing CBD. 

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Hempseed Oil vs. Hemp-Based Products

Hempseed oil is an oil derived from organic materials and is high in essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated acids as well as some other nutrients. Hempseed oil is an effective moisturizer that provides your skin with a barrier to pollutants and acts as an agent that soothes muscle aches.  However, hemp seed oil contains very few cannabinoids, including very few of cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hempseed oil does not need to be applied to your skin to benefit from it. You can incorporate food-grade hemp seed oil into your food which will still address issues of dry skin and itchiness. From experience, having oil that prevents itching from a skin condition such as eczema, is invaluable. 

Hemp-based products that do contain CBD are revolutionary. They have very beneficial properties which include antioxidant and anti-aging attributes when it is applied to the skin. These products also do the following for you: promote skin repair, rejuvenation of the skin protects the skin against environmental damage as well as assisting in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions. Hemp-based cosmetics also include benefits such as anti-inflammatory characteristics, it balances out the oil of your skin and moderates oil production and assists with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. 

Cannabis-Based Cosmetic Brands to Try


  • EOS, Happy Herb and Baked Brownie lip balms. 
  • Milk Makeup, Kush Collection.
  • Saint Jane, Mary Jane collection
  • NYX, Bare With Me Hemp radiant performing primer and lip conditioner.
  • Eve Lom, Face Oil.
  • Vertly, Hemp Infused Collection.
  • CBD For Life, Pure CBD Eye Serum.
  • Revolution, Good Vibes Sativa Collection.


  • Farmacy, Better Daze Ahead Restorative Cream.
  • Cannuka, All products. 
  • Aurelia, CBD Super Serum probiotic skincare.
  • Cupid CBD, All products.
  • Hempme, Organic Face Cream.
  • Herbivore, Emerald hempseed deep moisture glow oil. 
  • Malin + Goetz, Cannabis hand and Body wash.
  • High Five, All products.


  • Heretic, Dirty Grass fragrance.
  • Escentric Molecules, Escentric fragrance. 
  • Malin + Goetz, Cannabis Perfume Oil.


  • Kush Queen, Matcha Green Tea, and Spiced Chai Tea, and Earl Grey Tea CBD bath bombs. 
  • Vertly, Bath Salts.
  • Proleve, CBD Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb.


  • Scotch Porter, CBD Beard Collection for men’s grooming.
  • Sagely Naturals, Dreamwell Collection for sleep aid.
  • Fig + Yarrow, Organic hair and Scalp Tonic.

This is only the beginning of the cannabis cosmetics regime. We have much to look forward to in the realm of make-up and beauty where cannabis is concerned. The products that are already out there have received great reviews already and this market is yet to expand. Make a decision, with your best interest at heart, to replace some of your care regime products for organic ones that come with the added perk of CBD and all its’ accompanying benefits.

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