710 Montana Bozeman, MT

Located at: 81555 Gallatin Rd

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About Us

The 710 Montana is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving the location in Bozeman, MT. They introduce the best of cannabis-based healing to the Bozeman region to connect suffering individuals with an alternative means to improve their quality of life. Highly knowledgeable and fairly priced, the dispensary staff will guide patients through their product selection to effective, lasting results.


Their team carries nearly a decade’s worth of medical marijuana experience and has served the Bozeman region since 2009. The founders started cannabis as a side opportunity as they worked full time, and gradually found more success as they met patients and realized how important and therapeutic marijuana could be. Over the years, the patients became their family. There’s nothing would not do for their dispensary patients, and they are grateful for the opportunity to live out their dream and improve the lives of others.


They offer personalized care for their patients. Their dispensary staff works one-on-one to understand their needs and find the best cannabis system that works with their lifestyle. They also understands their patients’ needs for discretion and will provide private consultations to address any questions or concerns.

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