AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives Manchester, ME

Located at: 964 Western Ave Manchester, ME 04351

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About Us

AAA Pharmaceuticals is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Manchester, ME. They have provided the Manchester cannabis community with caregiving services since 2015. The dispensary staff complies with Ballot Question 2 and takes the time to guide patients through any concerns. They have a firsthand understanding of marijuana’s medical benefits.


The dispensary’s founder was a medical cannabis patient himself, which led to the shop’s opening.They values providing patients across Central Maine with quality cannabis and care. As a part of its mission to change the lives of patients, they offers compassionate, knowledgeable care that focuses on your comfort, which is why the team dedicates a significant portion of time to individualized service.


Their Mission statement here at the dispensary is “changing lives, one patient at a time”.  It has been their pleasure providing patients with Medical Cannabis since  2015′. This dispensary menu consists of more than 60 cannabis products, cultivated in-house and cared for by experience cannabis growers to ensure medical-grade potency and quality. Also you can consider them for your Medical Cannabis needs.

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