Acres Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

Located at: 2320 Western Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102

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About Us

Acres Cannabis is a Las Vegas, NV Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Their mission is to harness, showcase and deliver the highest quality products to their customers and simultaneously provide a once in a lifetime venue designed to stimulate your senses through world-class talent of the arts, music, education, history and culinary excellence.


This dispensary represents the culmination of the combined vision of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing a one of a kind cannabis experience showcasing one of the largest marijuana cultivation facility in the state of Nevada. Their vertically integrated agricultural, production and dispensary facilities bring together generations of horticultural experience to produce affordable products of the highest quality.


Although the recreational use of cannabis is legal in Nevada, only medical marijuana patients can receive full legal protection under the state’s medical marijuana law. Their dispensary seeks to create an environment of health and healing, where patients can find the products they need at affordable prices. They believe in the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, and their facility and staff both show this.

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