AK Slow Burn – Anchorage, AK

Located at: 2042 E. 3rd Ave Anchorage, AK 99515

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About Us

AK Slow Burn is an Recreational Marijuana Dispensary serving in Anchorage, AK. This dispensary was successfully opened mid August 2017 and immediately  became one of the most cost effective marijuana retail stores in Alaska, to provide the best possible prices for their customers.  In their “House of Happiness” they strive to provide a normal retail shopping experience by having high value strains at low costs, outstanding product quality and the friendliest customer service anywhere – to buy your marijuana.


Their dispensary provides patients throughout the Anchorage area with medical-grade cannabis products. With their selection of high-quality cannabis goods, which all come from leading state-licensed cultivators. They can help patients treat any chronic symptoms they are struggling with.


Since many patients are new to medical marijuana, their dispensary ensures you will receive quality service and care from a knowledgeable and professional team. Even if you are an experienced cannabis user, they are happy to help and make you feel welcome.

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