Alaskabuds – Anchorage, AK

Located at: 1005 E 5th Ave. Anchorage, AK 99501

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About Us

Alaskabuds one of the first Recreational Marijuana dispensaries to become licensed in the city Anchorage, Alaska. This dispensary was opened in early 2017, serving Anchorage and the surrounding communities. They offer a welcoming, friendly and professional environment for you to shop for medical marijuana. As a result, the dispensary is a favorite choice for patients, caregivers and recreational users.


The dispensary has also built several partnerships with trusted cannabis associations, cultivators across Alaska, providing them with the resources to deliver compassionate and knowledgeable care to medical marijuana patients. They are committed inoffering top-of-the-line cannabis products. Their dispensary is also proud to stack their store’s shelves with locally Alaska grown strains and products.


They offer several different strains grown locally in the Anchorage area and is located near several attractions in the downtown portion of the city. The shop carries both sativa, indica and hybrid strains to provide you with the best selection.  If you have any questions, you can always expect a knowledgeable answer from an their staff member.

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