All Greens – Sun City, AZ

Located at: 10032 W Bell Rd, Sun City, AZ, USA

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About Us

All Greens is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at Sun City, AZ. This dispensary was founded in 2013 in response to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which legalized medical marijuana dispensaries. They provide people suffering from debilitating conditions with the therapeutic cannabis treatments that satisfy each of their individual needs.


The team proudly caters to medical cannabis consumers in the cities that surround Sun City and provides a discreet delivery service for patients who cannot gain dispensary access to top-quality cannabis products. The dispensary team complies with Proposition 203 and prioritizes patient care. Sun City patients with questions can stop by to consult with the dispensary staff or contact them by phone.  Education is a top priority and their knowledgeable friendly staff will be ready and happy to assist you upon your visit.

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