Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary Cumberland, MD

Located at: 100 Beall St

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Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a Cumberland Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They are proud to serve the Cumberland, Maryland medical cannabis community. Their recognize the essential value of marijuana as a viable treatment option. Their goal is to help individuals think about marijuana in a new way–as a staple of healthy diets and healthy lives.


They are committed to serving their clients, and assisting their caregivers by providing the highest quality of service to assist their loved ones. This Dispensary will be there every step of the way to educate and inform you on the best approach for your need. They are dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing those in need with exemplary medical marijuana knowledge and products. They are proud to partner with their patients by empowering them to take charge of their health thanks to the restorative potential of medical cannabis.


They are committed to offering the intrinsic healing value of cannabis as a medicinal option to Cumberland patients. Their team advocates for medical marijuana’s healing benefits, and strive to offer the latest and most accurate of cannabis knowledge on to their visitors

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