Aloha Green Apothecary Honolulu, HI

Located at: 1314 S King St

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About Us

Aloha Green is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Honolulu, Hawaii. They provide patients on Oahu with products made from cannabis that is grown and cultivated using sustainable, natural methods. They strive to create wholesome medicine that restores their bodies and souls, supports their economy, and protects the ecosystem.


This dispensary golden rule is to uphold Aloha. Their responsibility is to care for the patient as a whole person, the local community as theri family, and this island as their home. At their dispensary, they focus on the big picture and try to create goodness by strengthening the way everything is connected.


Their team of committed and passionate people who love and honor their trade. They are committed in understanding the science of cannabis to create a superior product for their patients. The owners and staff of the dispesnsary root themselves firmly in holistic and community-focused values. They promote the idea or compassion and care for their island and their people.

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