Alternative Therapies Group Salem, MA

Located at: 50 Grove Street

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About Us

Alternative Therapies Group is a Salem Medical Marijuana Dispensary they proudly stands as Salem Massachusetts dispensary to serve registered medical marijuana patients. They dedicate themselves to offering enjoyable and safe medical experiences for their patients, through their dispensary visit to their exceptional quality and efficient medical cannabis and they infuse excellence through every step of the medical marijuana dispensary process, from growth to cultivation to their shelves.


They strive to offer the best medical cannabis dispensary experience to their patients, and their staff happily works with each patient as an individual, guiding them through their extensive product selection to find the perfect cannabis medicine for their needs. Their safe and welcoming environment places patients at ease, and they always encourage visitors to ask questions about anything regarding medical marijuana.


They offer a wide selection of fine-quality flower and extracts, and any time a patient is dissatisfied with their medicine. They strive to help them find the solution. It is a Salem medical marijuana dispensary with a wide selection of cannabis products on their menu.

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