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There are many different types of products and ways to administer medical cannabis. Your recommending physician may have specified a dosage or form to try, or may have recommended that you consult with dispensary staff to find the best option.
When evaluating the best form and dose, you may consider cost, how quickly the medication begins working (onset), how long the effects last (duration), ease of use, and level of discretion.

At Amplify, you will always have the option of speaking with a registered pharmacist to help make the right decision.
On every visit to the dispensary, please bring your Medical Marijuana Card and the ID you used to register for your card. You’ll always have the option to speak to a registered pharmacist or dispensary agent about your qualifying condition and medical marijuana, including the different forms and administration, dosing, onset and duration times, and much more. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at or 440-530-2880

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