Arizona Cannabis Society – El Mirage, AZ

Located at: 8376 N El Mirage Rd, El Mirage, AZ, USA

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About Us

Arizona Cannabis Society is a State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving in El Mirage, AZ and are committed in providing safe access, and quality medication to all patients. They strive to promote a happy and healthy environment to obtain the highest quality medical cannabis in Arizona.


They believe in providing safe and affordable access to all patients. If you want to see exactly what flower you are buying, they have you covered — they grow their plants right in the dispensary for you to see. The Arizona medical marijuana grows stronger when everyone sticks together.


If you want to have a quick, efficient dispensary visit, you can pre-order your medicine online and then pick it up and pay for it at the store. They even have an ATM at their store so you can easily follow their cash-only policy.

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