Ascend Cannabis Co – Denver, CO

Located at: 3555 S Yosemite St

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About Us

Ascend Cannabis Co in Denver, CO is a Medical cannabis dispensary. A brand new dispensary in Lakewood specializing in veganic, no-till, sun-grown cannabis.They grow all of their own cannabis in Colorado from homegrown, organic grown flowers, and offer their extracts and flower at an affordable price. Also, offer vegan and organic options for edibles.


Their goal is Start with purity, end with purity. Their dispensary still marvels the beauty of cultivation. Their cannabis gardens produce flowers with maximum flavor and potency and minimal environmental impact. Their growers plant in living soil inside a greenhouse to allow their plants to capture natural sunlight while maintaining quality control. At their dispensary, flower is grown in vegan, organic material, free from pesticides or animal byproducts.


Those premium buds are then processed using multiple extraction methods for sister company Infinite Infusions extraction company. Their team stays ahead of the curve, crafting innovated cannabis concentrates and ever refining their premium extractions.

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