Bad Gramm3r – Wasilla, AK

Located at: 1150 North Helen Lane Wasilla, AK 99654

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About Us

Bad Gramm3r is a Wasilla, AK Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. This is a licensed recreational marijuana dispensary in the MatSu Valley of Alaska. Their focus is on a wide selection of quality products for a fair price. Offering fair prices and an extensive variety of marijuana goods to explore, their dispensary invites curious cannabis customers from across the Mat-Su Valley and the Anchorage area to explore their Wasilla store.


They strive to accommodate each person as part of the “Valley family”. Their budtenders were selected for their genuine, fun nature, as well as their ability to give the best customer service they can offer. As a family-owned dispensary, they are passionate about providing medical patients and recreational users with a thoughtful, well-received selection of premium-quality marijuana. They also ensure their prices remain fair and competitive.


They offers patients and recreational users throughout the Mat-Su Valley in Alaska caring and compassionate service, with a bit of fun. They have good-natured and knowledgeable staff makes you feel a part of the family, no matter your experience with cannabis.

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