Located at: 2021 Goose Lake Rd, Sauget, IL, USA

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BEYOND/HELLO is a medical marijuana dispensary located in Sauget, Illinois.  A dispensary that continually strives to redefine the medical cannabis products through a commitment to education, innovation. They are forever dedicated to educating their patients on everything from the best strains, products, consumption methods and more for particular medical conditions. With a strong knowledge of all aspects of medical cannabis, the dispensary thoroughly trains their staff so they can best custom-fit each patient’s medical marijuana experience.


Their dispensary at Illinois strive to deliver the best medical marijuana experience available to the patients they serve. They offer hundreds of different products to help meet a nearly limitless variety of medical needs. All of these products come from licensed, professional growers across the state and are always tested for quality and safety.


If you cannot find what you need at their dispensary, you will have a hard time finding it anywhere. Their highly trained dispensary staff is ready to answer your questions and point you in the direction of the most effective cannabis treatment.

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