Blackjack Collective – Las Vegas, NV

Located at: 1860 Western Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102

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About Us

Blackjack Collective is a high-quality medical marijuana dispensary that focuses on providing the best medicine to their patients at Las Vegas, NV.  They take great pride in providing their patients with only the highest quality medicinal marijuana products with unparalleled customer service in a clean, friendly and welcoming environment. At their dispensary their patients are always their number one priority.


All of their medicinal marijuana products from flower, edibles, concentrates and tinctures are carefully selected by their team of connoisseurs to ensure that they only provide you with the highest quality products. Their team consists of experienced bud tenders who are able to advise patients on the best medicine to treat their symptoms and conditions. Their focus on quality, genetics, and knowledge is what sets them apart.

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