Bloom Medicinals Cannabis Dispensary Germantown, MD

Located at: 11530 Middlebrook Road

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Bloom Medicinals is a premier cannabis dispensary in Germantown, Maryland. They offer a large selection of cannabis, cannabis-infused products, and cannabis accessories in Maryland. Their products include cannabis flowers, cannabis topicals, cannabis concentrates, and cannabis accessories from reputable vendors. Their dedication to high quality patient care is unmatched and they extend their arms in assisting to provide relief.


At this dispensary their staff works continuously to source medical cannabis products from only licensed cultivators and processing centers. Their suppliers must meet rigorous internal standards and have a proven record of producing high-quality medical marijuana products. Their internal quality assurance and compliance teams routinely inspect products, and take action to ensure that the products you receive from their dispensaries are of exceptional quality. Additionally, their internal inventory control system is linked to the state’s database, ensuring that your product is secure, traced and fresh at all times.


Altogether form a comprehensive team of advisors that regularly keep their dispensary staff abreast of the latest scientific research. Ongoing training and continuous accredited education ensure that their dispensary agents are able to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information on the various strains of medical cannabis, and how those strains interact in treating your qualifying medical conditions.

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