Bloom Montana – Lewistown, MT

Located at: 45 US 191

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About Us

Bloom is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Lewistown, MT.  They offer top-shelf medical marijuana and infused products at an affordable price. In the face of tumultuous legislation changes, they stood firm for their patients. The founders started the dispensary to give patients a natural medication option in 2014.


Combining dedicated patient service with product knowledge and effectiveness, the dispensary in Lewistown strives to improve the quality of life for all their medical marijuana patients. Opening their dispensary out of a passion for easing the suffering of individuals through alternative, cannabis treatments. They were set up to provide a haven for medical marijuana patients seeking a more natural relief. They proudly reopens their Lewistown doors following Montana’s updated medical marijuana regulations.


The Lewistown Dispensary location offers a comfortable environment and extensive product selection. The staff prides themselves in growing and producing their own medicine. The budtenders can also show you medication that works well. Their knowledgeable staff gladly walks their patients through their many marijuana solutions.

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