Bluepoint Wellness – Branford, CT

Located at: 471 E Main St

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About Us

Bluepoint Wellness is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Branford, CT. They strive to offer patients throughout Branford and the surrounding regions with modern, natural medicines in a professional, welcoming environment. The team educates its customers and empowers them to make informed decisions to achieve an improved quality of life.


Integrity, innovation and compassionate service lie at the heart of the team. The dispensary was founded by a pharmacist in 2013 to aid patients on their journeys toward lasting wellness. Patient-driven and highly professional, they offer Branford patients a haven in which to learn about medical cannabis and how it can meet their needs. Their overarching mission is to lead the world of medical cannabis as the community’s number one provider of high-quality medicine and knowledgeable care.


They offer patients a wide variety of medicinal cannabis choices, including flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, extracts, and capsules. The Bluepoint cultivation team uses industry-leading standards to produce its cannabis, ensuring a clean and consistently effective medicine each time.

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