Breckenridge Organic Therapy – Breckenridge, CO

Located at: 1900 Airport Rd, A1

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About Us

Breckenridge Organic Therapy is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Breckenridge, CO. This dispensary understands that when it comes to providing customers with access to premium quality cannabis, attention to detail is essential. They believe the difference between everyday cannabis products and top-tier items is the added effort necessary to take the marijuana strains to the next level. That is why their dispensary is proud to offer some of the best cannabis flowers in the nation.


They have learned when it comes to creating high-end cannabis, it is not just the little things that matte every single thing matters. Every step matters. Every person matters.


The owners believe a marijuana dispensary should pride itself on offering only the best products possible. Patrons who visit this facility will notice the dispensary’s clean, spotless facility reflects the standards they uphold in their produts. The team members believe producing quality marijuana requires excellent craftsmanship a feature they promote proudly. Their knowledgeable staff will walk you through the experience.

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