Caniba Naturals Farmington, ME

Located at: 232 Broadway Farmington, ME 04938

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About Us

Caniba Naturals is a Farmington Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They provide Farmington,ME patients with top-shelf cannabis products, a welcoming and safe atmosphere, and in depth knowledge about all things cannabis. Through prioritizing sustainable cultivation and ethical business operations, they aim to offer patients the latest and most efficient marijuana treatments available.The founder of this dispensary has found a sense of purpose and deep satisfaction in helping patients on a personal level.


This dispensary was opened in August 2017 and thrives on providing patients a personalized, compassionate experience where they can trust as they are receiving the care and cannabis medicine they need. Above all, the dispensary wants to help people in any way possible.


They places patients first and takes the time to understand individual needs and lifestyle situations. Their Farmington dispensary team will happily listen to a patient’s concerns and offer information and recommendations as to the optimal cannabis solution. They recognizes health is not one-size-fits-all and loves working with patients to find the marijuana product that works best for them.

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