Cannabis Connection Bozeman, MT

Located at: 618 W Griffin Dr, Ste E

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About Us

Cannabis Connection Bozeman, Montana is a full-service medical cannabis dispensary. They are there to provide you with the highest quality medicine to suit your needs. They proud serves the Bozeman medical marijuana patient community as a reliable, safe, and welcoming cannabis provider. Offering friendly and knowledgeable service paired with high quality, house-grown medical cannabis strains, and products. There are on a mission to connect suffering patients with natural, lasting marijuana relief. They provide a full line of cannabis as well as a completely delectable line of edibles known as Cannalectables.


In 2009, they opened this dispensary serving the Bozeman patient community with high-quality marijuana goods and knowledge. After four years helping patients and rolling with Montana’s changing medical marijuana regulations, they are proud to continue serving the Bozeman and surrounding regions with high-quality marijuana medicine and personalized customer service.


They strive to keep their patients as happy as possible and do everything they can to show patients they truly care.The Bozeman team wants to make it easy for patients to access their cannabis medicine. This dispensary adapts to their patients’ needs, often rotating their stock to create marijuana treatment to fit their health conditions.

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