Capital City Care Washington, DC

Located at: 1334 N. Capitol St. NW

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About Us

Capital City Care is the first medical marijuana dispensary to serve patients in the Washington, DC.  They offer a variety of high-quality medical marijuana products and accessories in their safe, comfortable, and attractive facility. They are proud to be the only dispensary in D.C. that’s also licensed to grow medical marijuana, which enables them to offer the best variety of products and carefully control the quality of their medicine. At this dispensary, they aim to be the premier provider of medical marijuana services and products for the District of Columbia, giving the patients who suffer today a better, more natural way to mitigate their suffering and improve their lives.


Their commitment is to offer financial and philanthropic support to and to work in partnership with local leaders, law enforcement, medical/healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups to ensure that their constituents benefit from their involvement in their communities. Also their goal is to continue to be the leader in expertise, compliance, innovation, social responsibility and education while consistently exceeding their patients’ and partners’ expectations.


As they team has decades of experience in the medical marijuana and is committed to providing a caring, personalized experience at their dispensary.

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