Cave Creek Cannabis – Cave Creek, AZ

Located at: 6812 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ, USA

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About Us

Cave Creek Cannabis is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Cave Creek, AZ. This dispensary serves patients in the Cave Creek, Arizona, area by selling organic medical marijuana to treat their illnesses and conditions. While they sell a diverse inventory of strains, edibles, topicals, extracts and tools, their flower menu is what makes the dispensary shine.


You should choose their dispensary as your primary medical marijuana provider if you want to choose exactly how much weed you get. The dispensary budtenders will weigh your flower “deli-style,” so you can request the exact amount of buds that you want to buy. You prefer a small store experience. This dispensary can put more care into their service and products due to its small size.


Their knowledgeable staff can handle any question you have. Their highly professional patient service providers will assist you in a comfortable and safe environment. They have more than 40 different strains that the staff grows in the dispensary’s brand new growing facility. They test all strains for quality and purity and cultivates them in an eco-friendly manner.

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