Champlain Valley Dispensary, Inc. Burlington, VT

Located at: 1 Steele St unit 124, Burlington, VT 05401

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About Us

Champlain Valley Dispensary is a Burlington Medical Marijuana Dispensary.  This is a nonprofit organization that applies traditional Burlington, Vermont artisan skills to the rapidly growing medical marijuana products. They are solely committed to finding the best medical cannabis products to alleviate any discomforts for their medical marijuana patient community in Burlington.


This is a uniting Vermont’s artisanal approach with the science of plant-based medicine to produce safe, compliant, high quality medical cannabis products.treatment. This Dispensary was awarded the first license in 2012 to open a dispensary in Burlington. They have embraced their challenges as opportunities to build a team of highly trained, professional staff members who guide and innovate throughout their operations. Their goal is to be a national model for best practices in their field.


The dispensary has seen rapid growth, from a handful of patients in June 2013 to several thousand today. They feel this is just the beginning. Their staff is specially trained to advise people who are ill. Knowing that they are helping patients, often at the later stages of their life, has a profound effect. They quickly see how they add value to people’s lives. It is important for their whole community to know that the products they provide are helping patients lead a more active life and have a better daily existence.

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