Columbia Care – Chicago, IL

Located at: 4758 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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About Us

Columbia Care is a patient-centric medical marijuana dispensary striving to lead the products through the highest level of care, product and education in Chicago, IL. Patients are the number one priority at this dispensary in Chicago and are the driving force behind the top medical grade quality of their and excellent level of patient compassion and care.


They began in 2013, since then expanding to several states throughout the country and helping thousands upon thousands of patients. The dispensary team is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. They work hard to make patients feel comfortable and safe, providing a pleasant atmosphere where patients are welcome to access questions. Especially adept at explaining the differences between different strains of marijuana and their properties, the staff is committed in helping patients find the best medicine for their needs.


Their dispensary offers a vast array of cannabis products and brands. They carry anywhere from thirty to forty different marijuana strains, dozens of concentrates and edibles, pre-rolls and much more. They offer several cannabis accessories for their patient’s use.

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