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About Us

Columbia Care is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Riverhead, NY .This medical marijuana dispensary puts patients first, leading the New York medical cannabis by offering the highest level of patient care, product creation and educational resources. Setting the standard for dispensaries and medical marijuana professional care, they dedicates themselves to exemplary safety, scientific leadership, expertise and compassionate care.


The founder of the dispensary personal connection to medical marijuana spurred him to create the patient-centric organization that stands today. This radical difference inspired them to create a place where patients with similar debilitating conditions could find relief and regain their lost quality of life. Assembling a group of similar-minded professionals, they also opened their Riverhead medical marijuana dispensary doors in 2013, and have since expanded across the east coast to help thousands of Long Island patients achieve their wellness through the use of medical cannabis.


Their staff pride themselves on their cannabis knowledge and great rapport with their patients. Working hard to put patients at ease and make them feel at home, their dispensary facility offers a clinical and professional atmosphere that’s safe and welcoming. The team is adept at walking patients through their cannabis products, answering any questions regarding which strain may best suit their needs, best methods of application, and any other questions patients may think to ask.

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